Tips and Tricks Tuesday-Orange County Childrens Photography

Ok so my goal is every Tuesday (hopefully!) I want to have a "Tips and Tricks Tuesday" post where I can share tips and/or tricks on photography, parenting, children or whatever I find interesting and helpful that week.  My hope is that you will find these posts helpful or entertaining and both you and I can learn something new each week! it goes!

Our first Tips and Tricks Tuesday is brought to you by Parents Magazine June 2011 issue:

According to Burton Edelstein, D.D.S., M.P.H., advisor and professor of dentistry and health policy and management at Columbia University (Wow what a title!)...

"When your child brushes her teeth, she should spit without taking a sip of water. Rinsing dilutes the residual toothpaste's fluoride content."

Did you know that? I didn't! But when you think about makes sense right?  Although my little guy is only 7 weeks old and doesn't have teeth yet, that is something that I will keep in mind!  Hope you enjoyed this weeks Tips and Tricks Tuesday! Have a great week!

 And since no blog post is complete without a photo, here is my little guy at 4 weeks old...(we are huge Angel fans in our house, GO ANGELS!)


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Meet our newest member of the Schlick family! - Orange County Newborn Photography

Our newest member of the Schlick Photography family is here!  Ron Jr. "RJ" was born May 9th to owner Courtney and her husband Ron.  The proud parents are so happy to have their little boy home and healthy!  Here are some of our favorite portraits taken by Courtney...the proud new mommy! Congratulations!!!

He really likes to frown...hehe

Perfect little teddy bear...

He has a lot of hair!



The proud daddy and his "little buddy"...

 Mommy and her favorite "little man"...

The happy new family...


Do you know someone expecting? Give them the gift of newborn portraits that they will treasure forever! We come to them so they can sit back and enjoy the experience in the comfort of their own home! What a wonderful gift for a new mommy!

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Spring is here! Orange County Childrens Photographer

Spring is here! One thing I love about Southern California is our weather! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the winter and the snow...but I love having the option of going to the snow instead of the snow coming to me.  hehe  And I love our California sun! Yes I am a lucky girl!!!  In celebration of our changing seasons we did a Spring/Easter inspired portrait session with little Miss Sofia.  I just love this little one! Each time she comes in she is more playful and has more fun.  It's such a pleasure to capture her growing up in front of the camera!  Have I mentioned I'm such a lucky girl?!?!?! 

I always enjoy seeing what "tricks" mom and dad come in with to get their tiny tots to smile or laugh.  Each one is different and I love seeing how their tricks change as they get older...and smarter!  Sometimes I don't know who is more entertaining to watch, the precious little one smiling and laughing at the camera or the silly mom, dad....and yes even photographer running around acting silly to get that smile or laugh. 

Here are some of our favorites from Sofia's spring session...

Someone has some new teeth!

"Well hello Mr. Bunny"

She's so smart! She figured out the eggs can "disappear" through the basket handle.....Harvard here she comes!

I LOVE this next image!!!  My husband Ron, who is often in the camera room with me helping me to get kids attention and being silly, had her cracking up.  It was priceless!  Sometimes my favorite moments are when they are just being kids and not even paying attention to the camera!

Look who's a big girl!!!! (With some help from mom and dad of course!)


Happpy Spring everyone! Hope you take some time to enjoy all the wonderful things this season brings!

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Amanda  commented on  April 8th, 2011

So cute!!! I want to bring my little guy in to do this!

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Baby Donovan is here!-Orange County Newborn Photographer

NOBODY was more excited for Baby Donovan's arrival then his mommy!  Making the anxious trip to the hospital, ready to meet this little guy...just to be sent home, having to wait almost another week....poor thing!  Needless to say he was well worth the wait!  Such a calm, happy baby! I couldn't believe how mellow he was (nothing like his sister, hehe).  We always remind parents to bring an extra set of clothes in case of "accidents" however this time little Donovan reminded me that I need to tell mommy (or daddy in this case) to bring an extra set too!  Donovan gave him a nice little surprise down the front of Daddy's shirt and jeans!  But when they are this sweet and so darn cute how could anyone get mad at that?

Here are some of our favorites from his session...

Thank you to Donovan's mommy and daddy for bringing him into the studio! I know with two little ones now it's twice the love....but also twice the work! You guys are doing a great job!  Can't wait to see you again soon!!!

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Bunny sessions are here!

Bunny sessions are coming to Schlick Photography!  March 26th and 27th come join us for our spring special with real bunnies.  Be sure to call now to reserve your spot, space is limited.  Come celebrate spring!


Sofia 7 months portraits-Orange County Children's Photography

I can't believe this little princess is alreay 7 months old! It seems like just yesterday I did her newborn portraits and now she's this precious little lady, sitting up on her own and just full of personality and expressions! 

It's more often these days that the traditional 6 month portrait is done more around 7 months.  We like to wait till these tiny tots are able to sit up on their own which usually lands around month 7.  It's a big milestone for them and we have so much fun capturing it!  Granted, they turn into little weeble wobbles (which is just so darn cute!) but not to or dad are right near by (just outside the image) ready to catch them! 

Here are a few favorites from Sofia's session... 

Her mom brought this cute little heart shaped pillow since her session was close to Valentines Day. Who wouldn't want to be her Valentine?!?!?!

We got to play dress up and she was the perfect model for my new little romper we have at the studio...

Her Grandma brought her this dress all the way from Hawaii!!!! 

 I can't wait to see her again in a couple months for her 9 month portrait!  We are almost to her first birthday....can't wait!!!!

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Hayley is a Senior! Class of 2011

I had the pleasure of photographing  Hayley for her senior portraits and we had a blast!  I have known this beautiful young lady since she was a tiny tot and I just can't believe she is all grown up!  She is such a beauty and has such a good head on her shoulders I know her parents are super proud of her (as am I).  Here are some of our favorites from the session....


Congratulations on your graduation Hayley!!! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you! You are a shinning star!!!

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